Caustic Visualizer™ 1.3 for Autodesk® Maya®

Powerful raytraced interactivity for accelerating lighting, look development and design visualization workflows in Maya

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Porsche 918 Spyder by Ryan Montrucchio, Will Anielewicz The Goal
Today's CG artists need to create high-quality 3D designs quickly and flexibly. Photo-real final 3D renderings are always an important deliverable. Leading-edge studios always look for ways to make their 3D design work more efficient by constantly innovating their workflows and using the best tools available.

The Challenge
The "look development" process often involves extensive "tweaking" of settings and subsequent repeated test rendering. These reiterative steps often negatively impact a studio's productivity - and profit. Several attempts have been made to address this productivity bottleneck, however current viewport visualization solutions are inflexible and don't support easy, efficient workflows.

The Solution
Visualizer for Maya reduces time spent on iterative scene refinement. 3D artists accelerate modeling, animation, and final rendering pipelines by using Visualizer’s always-on raytraced viewport. Unlike other accelerated viewport visualization solutions, Caustic’s focus on deep & elegant Maya integration allows 3D scenes to be viewed and modified in real-time standard Maya and mental ray toolsets(1). Superb "final" image quality and integration with Maya's native batch rendering/layer rendering functionality extend Visualizer's use as a fully-fledged production rendering system for high-quality stills and animated sequences.
Porsche 918 Spyder by Ryan Montrucchio, Will Anielewicz Who needs Caustic Visualizer?
3D artists developing design visualization content are constantly striving to improve the quality and speed of their work.

Caustic Visualizer is ideal for artists and designers working in:
  • industrial/product design
  • game development
  • automotive design
  • product visualization
  • architectural visualization
  • jewelry design
  • broadcast graphics
What people are saying about Caustic Visualizer
"This is the first time I have been able to model and ray trace simultaneously. I can see true refractions and reflections as I design. The quality, speed and fidelity really blow me away and frees us up to iterate at will, making product design perfectly interactive."
- Max Sims, President of Technolution

"The viewport is still active, so you can continue editing, with the ray-tracing updating on the fly at lightning speed”
- Antony Ward 3DWorld | May 2013 (PDF, 2.8 MB)
Caustic Series2 R2500 Raytracing Acceleration board Up to 500% faster 3D Raytracing Acceleration
Learn how Caustic Visualizer plugin software for Autodesk Maya can deliver up to 500% faster rendering performance(2) when used in conjunction with Caustic R2100/R2500 Raytracing Acceleration boards.
Gumball Machine by Justin Schubert Visualizer Image of the Week
Title: Don't Break Your Teeth
Artist: Justin Schubert
Hardware: Caustic R2500
Resolution: 800x553
Render Time: 2 minutes 17 seconds

Caustic Visualizer's Unique Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Interactive, “always-on” viewport raytracing Viewing accurate soft shadows, diffuse reflections, translucency, etc. in real-time enables artists to make better design, shading & lighting decisions earlier in the design process.
Broad compatibility with native Maya and mental ray® materials and lights — including MIA material(1) Virtually eliminate "ramp up" period for new Visualizer users while helping to ensure access to complex lighting setups and more accurate final rendering.
Photo-real, WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) rendering Dramatically improve productivity by reducing or eliminating time-consuming “test renders”.
Multithreaded CPU-based acceleration optimized for Intel® CPUs Raytracing performance scales with number of CPU cores and clock speed. Visualizer is currently one of the most efficient CPU-based raytracing viewports available, leveraging Intel’s advanced Intel AVX instruction set with the power of Caustic’s PowerVR OpenRL SDK.
Robust Final Rendering Final quality images and animation sequences can easily be produced using Visualizer’s new batch rendering feature

Visualization bottlenecks killing your productivity? Make it better with Caustic Visualizer for Maya. Try it now for Free!

Visualizer for Maya
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Caustic Visualizer for Maya User Guide (PDF, 1.8 MB)

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(1) Please review the user guide for a complete list of supported mental ray lights and materials.
(2) Vs. CPU-based raytracing.
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